Rules and Regulations



Rules and Regulations

Welcome to 802 N. Walnut St.! The rules listed below are designed to promote courteous and neighborly living. Your cooperation and observance of them will enhance the appearance and maintain the friendly spirit, which will enable 802 N. Walnut St. to be a pleasant home for everybody.

1. It is agreed that only the Lessee will occupy the leased premises. Any changes in occupancy must have prior consent of management.

2. No pets, birds, or reptiles of any kind shall be allowed on the premises or quartered out of doors.

3. Waterbeds are not permitted.

4. No additional locks shall be put upon any door without the consent of the said Lessor.

5. Loud stereo systems or amplifiers may not be played or operated at any time from balconies, porches, or patios in a way that will disturb neighbors or other residents or guest.

6. Any common sidewalks, driveways, entrances and passageways shall not be obstructed or used by any tenant for any purpose other than ingress or egress from the units.

7. No vehicle belonging to or under the control of a tenant or a family member of the tenant or a guest of the tenant shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access to any units in the buildings. Vehicles shall be parked within designated parking areas. The management agent has the authority to engage in a contract with a towing and storage agent to remove vehicles which violate these rules. Any traffic flow markings and signs regulating traffic on these premises shall be strictly observed.

8. No boats, campers, travel trailers and boat trailers, mini bikes, or other such items shall be parked or stored in automobile parking areas or any other part of the premises except in cases of arrival or departure and then for a limited time only.

9. No change of any kind shall be made upon the exterior building walls or upon the Common Area by any tenant. Tenant shall make no changes of any nature in the home, including redecoration without first obtaining written consent from the management agent. The management agent shall have the right to enter said premises at reasonable hours, to examine the same, make such repairs, additions, or alterations as may be deemed necessary for the safety, comfort, and preservations of said building and to enter said premises at any reasonable time to repair or improve Lessorís adjoining building.

10. All tenants or their guests shall exercise reasonable care to avoid making or permitting to be made loud, disturbing, or objectable noises, and in using or playing or permitting to be used or played musical instruments, radios, phonographs, television sets, amplifiers and any other instruments or devices in such a manner as to disturb tenants of other units. Music and radios need to be turned on low volume after 10:00 PM. In instances of disturbances of the peace, the police shall be called and the managing agent notified.

11. The management agent assumes no liability for nor shall it be liable for any loss or damage to articles left or stored in any Common or other area.

12. All trash and garbage should be taken immediately to the dumpsite area(s) or should be disposed of in containers provided for this purpose. Garbage or trash must not be stored, even temporarily, within the hallways or outside the door of a unit. If trash is left in front of any units, the tenant will be assessed a $25 fine for each violation.

13. Cigarette buts are to be properly put out and are to be put in containers to avoid starting fires. Under no circumstances are butts to be flipped off the decks, porches, or patios to create unsightly appearances in the landscape beds. Any tenants improperly discarding of cigarette butts will be fined $25 for each violation whether is it tenantís or visitorís fault.

14. Fireworks of any kind, whether explosive or non-explosive, shall not be stored, carried or brought or permitted in any part of the buildings nor shall any fireworks be ignited, displayed, or exploded on the premises. Unregistered firearms are not permitted on the premises.

15. Climbing on the roof or any other part of the structure is prohibited.

16. Tenant shall do no act which would increase the costs of insurance on said premises, nor shall said premises be used for any illegal or immoral purpose.

17. Charcoal grills are not allowed on decks or balconies. Any tenant having one on its premises will be fined $25 and asked to remove it immediately. Failure to do so will result in further fines.

18. Tenant shall use reasonable care in placing nails and other picture hanging devices in or on the walls of said premises and shall be liable for any damages caused from failure to do so. Glue backed hooks and wall mountings are not allowed, and the damage caused by their removal will be deducted from the security deposit.

19. The tenant shall use all equipment and appliances on the property in a safe manner and only for the purposes for which they are intended. He/she shall not litter the grounds and not destroy, deface, damage, or remove any appliances from the unit.

20. The tenant shall give the managing agent prompt notice of any defects in the plumbing, fixtures, appliances, heating and cooling equipment or any other part of the unit or related facilities.

21. Tenant shall not affix any signs, posters, etc. to windows that are visible on the outside of the building or affix anything to the entry doors.

22. If tenant is renting a free standing home, the tenant is responsible for removing snow from the porch, steps, and sidewalk adjacent to the property as required by the City of Bloomington.

23. The management agent reserves the right to make such other and reasonable rules and regulations as in his/her judgement may from time to time be needed for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises, and for the preservation and good order therein.

24. We acknowledge that these rules and regulations are being incorporated into the lease that we have signed and will be considered a part thereof. Therefore, the breach of this agreement will also be a breach of this lease and will be subject to any remedies described in the lease including but not limited to eviction.

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